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Preparing You For Success

At Afya Collective we will support and empower our clients to reach their career goals. Unfortunately, black women face injustices in the workforce that range from having the largest wage gap inequalities compared to non black women, to facing microaggressions in the workplace. In light of this, we want to make sure that our clients receive all the tools necessary to overcome these barriers and thrive in their career journey.

Our Main Focus

We are focused on supporting women in navigating and addressing microaggressions and wage inequalities in the workplace. Our programming will bring awareness of the pitfalls for black women in employment. We will also equip them with tools to overcome those obstacles and provide encouragement by shining a spotlight on the successes of fellow black women.

Numbers Speak

At Afya Collective, we are dedicated to services that will give black women opportunities to succeed in their communities.

Earned for every dollar
In 2016, racialized women professors earned 68 cents for every dollar earned by non-racialized men; college instructors earned even less at 63 cents on that dollar.” 6 Behind the Numbers
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Workplace Discrimination
“13% of Black Canadians reported experiencing discrimination at work or in the context of a hiring process in 2014, compared to 6% of the rest of the Canadian population.” 5Statistics Canada

Our programming includes:

An employment support program providing resume writing, interview support, job retention, and education support workshops. 

Ultimately, our success will be actualized through increased employable skills and rates of career engagement, and job retention and job promotion rates of black women we come into contact with.

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