Our Leadership Team

Meet The Team

Afya Collective combines the diverse professional backgrounds and expertise of the founders Odelia Bempah, Britney Bryan, and Octavia Sampson.


Odelia Bempah

Odelia Bempah is a co-founder of Afya Collective. She carries a strong passion for youth development, social justice, and human rights. This has been reflected in her substantial work as a youth development leader and as an Employment Consultant at the Yonge Street Mission in Toronto, Ontario. In this role, Odelia coordinated and facilitated an employment essentials and life skills program for marginalized and newcomer youth to Canada with the aim of ending chronic poverty in Toronto. In December 2018, Odelia obtained her MSc in Global Public Health and Policy at Queen Mary University London. While studying abroad, Odelia collaborated with her colleagues to form an initiative called BridgetoLafiya which addresses period poverty in the UK and overseas. Odelia recently worked with UNDP as a Youth Employment Analyst for Youth Connekt Rwanda. Here, she gathered and shared success stories from young entrepreneurs while advocating for youth employment in Rwanda. Odelia is passionate about empowering women and youth to thrive and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually while building back their communities. Odelia leads communications, the Employment and Educational Support Department as well as Global Affairs for Afya Collective.


Britney Bryan

Britney Bryan is a co-founder of Afya Collective. As a black woman living in Brampton, Ontario; Britney’s ardor for women’s development, human trafficking issues, and international economic affairs has not only grown but has been nurtured through her various life experiences. This has been reflected through her involvement leading the Women’s Development Network at Yonge Street Mission, her diverse experience volunteering overseas, as well as her intensive background as a Youth and Young Adults leader at her local church. Britney attended school at Tyndale University & Seminary where she graduated with a BA in Business Administration and International Development in 2018. It was there that she had the amazing opportunity to explore her passions while doing mission work in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic as well as intern with Agape Children’s Home in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Britney Bryan is dedicated to creating a world where Black Women in Canada, and globally, are given the tools and resources to unlock the power they have to incite change. Britney Bryan heads the Public Relations department to ensure that the world is made aware of how phenomenal Black Women are and how best to support Afya Collective.


Octavia Sampson

Octavia Sampson is a co-founder of Afya Collective. Octavia embodies her passion for promoting holistic wellbeing through her profession as a psychotherapist. She created her business Entrust Psychotherapy in order to support individuals to enhance their wellbeing and start their healing journey. Octavia is drawn to exploring the exceptionality in people and feels called to encourage awareness and self-acceptance in those she meets. Octavia obtained her Master of Counselling Psychology (MCP) from Adler University in Vancouver and currently works providing mental health counselling. She also received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology, specializing in Exceptionality and Human Learning from the University of Toronto. Octavia is registered (RPQ) with the College of Registered Psychotherapists in Ontario. As she strives to grow as a person, Octavia stewards others to enhance their growth. She advocates for education on mental health, spirituality, the empowerment of the African diaspora, and increasing social justice. Octavia leads in the area of mental wellness outreach, research and resources for Afya collective.