Medical Advocacy

Advocating for Black Womens' Health

Black women in Canada often experience health conditions and medical complications at an alarmingly disproportionate rate than non black women. We are often at the mercy of doctors that have very little experience dealing with black health, hold biases against black people and/or are simply incompetent. So how do we address this issue and ensure that black women receive the care they deserve? At Afya Collective we believe it starts with Medical Advocacy.

Through our Medical Advocacy program, we want to provide our members with the tools, resources and confidence to advocate for themselves when it comes to their healthcare. Afya collective will provide a series of workshops, panel discussions, and a database of black friendly healthcare professionals. We want to tackle the lack of knowledge that individuals have regarding their own health, provide an in-depth look behind the curtain of the healthcare sector, and present an array of healthcare options; giving women the power to choose the best path for their healthcare needs.

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Black Women and Health Matters

At Afya Collective, we are dedicated to services that will give black women opportunities to succeed in their communities.

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Diabetes rate among Black Women
“Diabetes rates, for example, doubled among Black women from 6% to 12% between 2001 and 2012. Black women are overrepresented in national rates for most significant chronic illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, HIV/AIDS, lupus and hypertension.” 6Behind the Numbers
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Increase in high blood pressure rates

“Black women also experienced the most drastic increase in rates of high blood pressure across any ethnic group in Canada, increasing from 20% to 27% over this time period [between 2001-2012].” 6Behind the  Numbers

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