Support & Discussion Groups

Afya Collective Wellness Support Groups

Afya Collective offers a variety of Wellness Discussion Groups. This group is geared towards Black women aged 18 and up. It is intended as a strengths-based space where participants can collaborate and learn together about ways to strengthen and maintain their mental wellness.

Afya Soul

The mind’s connection to mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.

At Afya Collective, we are dedicated to services that will give black women opportunities to succeed in their communities.

Racial disparities in womens' health

“Black women living in Canada face unquestionable health disparities and unnecessary poor health outcomes due to marginalization and social exclusion. Research shows that the cumulative impact of racism, discrimination, poverty and other structural and systemic inequalities profoundly impact the physical, emotional and mental health of all Black women in Canada.” 6Behind the Numbers

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